ACTYVO works with Ionic, a framework for developing hybrid apps and progressive web apps. Ionic is very popular because on the one hand it’s based on Google's Angular and therefore inherits its flexibility and speed. On the other hand, it lowers costs, since specific apps do not have to be developed for each operating system (Android and iOS), but an application can be ported to all mobile operating systems. This saves us and our customers and partners development effort and costs.

Native experience despite hybrid app development technology

Hybrid developed apps are said to have a lack of support for device-specific user interfaces. Ionic tidies up here and makes it possible to adapt the app specifically to the device. In addition, access to device-specific resources such as cameras or memory is fully supported. As a result, not only is the technical difference to a native app extremely small, it is also practically indistinguishable from the user's feeling.

Backend Services

With its references, ACTYVO has proven that the MS Azure Cloud Services used is the perfect partner for the BIG DATA management of our sports event apps. The tracking data of 66,000 participants (simultaneously distributed worldwide) at the Wings for Life World Run 2020 were transmitted in real time to the backend (approx. 100,000 tracking data records per minute !!!) and to the various customers such as broadcasters (live TV) and the race management prepared and easily handed over in real time

System Overview

The ACTYVO backend is characterized by the highest level of reliability and performance. The backend was consistently developed on MS Azure cloud serverless. Costs are billed transparently for effective use. The backend is characterized by the highest level of scalability.

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